Jeremiah Griffin

Howdy and welcome to the personal blog of Jeremiah Griffin. Jeremiah is the pastor of Living Stones Rockford and church planter in Living Stones Belvidere. He is husband to the lovely Tancy Griffin and father of four children.

Interests and hobbies include, reading, shooting, model rail roads, computers and graphic design. Add to that a thirst for the Word of God and watch out! Currently I have an addiction to daily devotionals maybe because they are so quick and easy to digest.

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The musing's of the mind of Pastor Jeremiah Griffin.  From music and coffee to verses and software resources.
  • Jeremiah Griffin - Pastoral Care, Counseling and Wedding Ceremony

    Part of the Family of God!

  • Living Stones Booth looking for partners in the ministry

    You can't fellowship without a fork!

  • Living Stones Home Bible Study

    The government will give you a check for housing, they will buy you food, they will even pay for your electric bill. But the government stops short when it comes to toilet paper! What a better way to put the Gospel in action!

  • Preaching at the Rockford Rescue Mission for Living Stones

    Pastor Jeremiah and Tancy Griffin on mission for PB&J night with Living Stones.

  • The TP Pastor or the Tissue Reverend is the alias Jeremiah goes by on the streets of Rockford

    Preaching to the guys and gals at the Rockford Rescue Mission. The mission servers 3 meals a day and allows us to Minister the Word monthly!

  • Pastor Jeremiah and his lovely bride, Tancy Griffin

    Living Stones Home Bible study as well as meeting 2X a week outside the home.

  • Thanksgiving at Pastor Griffin's home
  • Pastor Jeremiah Griffin and Family - Baptisms, friends and worship

    The best parts of being a pastor!