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Top 5 reasons NOT to have a bird

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Top 5 reasons NOT to have birds as pets 5. They smell. Worse than a person that has cats doesn’t realize they smell like a cat box.  Okay you may be the exception to the rule.  But I have lots of people in and out of my van, truck and bus and I can generally tell you by smell who has the cat.  Maybe I am the exception, but then again that is why they sell carbon pads to soak the smell of the bird poop and the kitty litter…read more

To pray is nothing more involved than to let Jesus into our needs. To pray is to give Jesus permission to employ His powers in the alleviation of our distress. To pray is to let Jesus glorify His name in the midst of our needs.
–Ole Hallesby

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Burning Bones

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As I child we sing “This little light of mine” and we talk about a light that can not be hidden.  Then we grow up and our “Christianity” becomes a light we turn on and off.  Discovering when it adds to us or subtracts from what we want to accomplish.  I don’t think we intend it that way but we can dangerously end up in this very unChristian behavior.  Men love darkness rather than light because their hearts are EVIL… I can’t do it.  I can’t shut off the light…read more

Life on Mission 2016

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What a joy of looking forward to the new year.  Yet I find myself in a strange transition as I become more aware of what GOD wants me to be and do rather than what I have always planned.  This process of sanctification I have studied and researched int he lives of others but as the Gospel works itself out in my life I am constantly wowed by the Power of God unto Salvation and the journey my life is.  What a journey of restoration we are on… Where there…read more