An Advent Prayer

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O God, you give us your Good News and call us into a new covenant relationship with you. Help us to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the valleys be lifted up!
Draw us away from degrading thoughts and actions, and lift from us depressions and worry.

Through humble people, redeem your world, O God. Let the mountains be leveled off!
End our pride and take away our arrogance: save us from false hope and unwarranted presumption.

Through faithful people, redeem your world, O God. Let the crooked be made straight!
Forgive our sin, and pardon our wrongdoing; defeat evil and overcome the power of death.

Through saved people, redeem your world, O God. Let the rough be made smooth!
Help us grow in understanding, and give us wisdom to discern that which is good and true.

Through sanctified people, redeem your world, O God. Let all people see the salvation of our God.
Redeem your world, and make all things new, and bring us into your holy and perfect presence, now and for all eternity.

Keep us humble and faithful. Save us and sanctify us, O God.
For the sake of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

George Vander Weit is pastor of Fuller Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MichiganXX