August Quotations

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Ending up the month I figure I had better get them all up for future use.  Facebook will end and the next latest and greatest will replace it.  So I post these here for a record I can control and keep …

03_aug_LSF2015 04_aug_LSF2015 05_aug_LSF2015 06_aug_LSF2015 07_aug_LSF2015 08_aug_LSF2015 09_aug_LSF2015 10_aug_LSF2015 11_aug_LSF2015 12_aug_LSF2015 13_aug_LSF2015 01_aug_LSF2015 02_aug_LSF2015

16_aug_LSF2015 17_aug_LSF2015 18_aug_LSF2015 19_aug_LSF2015 20_aug_LSF2015 21_aug_LSF2015 22_aug_LSF2015 23_aug_LSF2015 24_aug_LSF2015 25_aug_LSF2015 26_aug_LSF2015 27_aug_LSF2015 28_aug_LSF2015 29_aug_LSF2015 30_aug_LSF2015 31_aug_LSF2015 14_aug_LSF2015 15_aug_LSF2015