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Windows 10 Missing HP LaserJet Driver

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You thought you were losing your mind.  You are not.  Windows seems to have opted out of including the older HP Laser 4 and 5 from the latest Windows 10 driver updates.  I have about 15 of these old work horses and enough parts and toner stocked up for another 20+ Years. So for now there is a work around I found after three days of searching through message boards and I hope this will be of help to someone (including myself as I forget and need things written down…read more

Homeschool Dropout Movie

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Saw this movie the other day and it really hit home. Are you a second generation Homeschool family? Homeschool Dropouts from Western Conservatory on Vimeo. Five years ago, the Botkin siblings produced this documentary about the homeschooling movement after talking to their peers around the United States. In discussing the future of this movement, the film raised a number of controversial questions, examining the history of the movement and the character that would be required to sustain it into the second generation. Today, many of the problems addressed in this…read more

GoTandem App

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GoTandem A great little project with massive potential! Check out and sign up. Their little survey was remarkably insightful and the daily messages seem to come at wonderful times in my day. Sometimes to hear the voice of God, all we need to do is listen. Get in the Word, Go Tandem is a super little tool for your Christian walk. Download it today!  Google Play or Apple AppStore Sample Message


OblyTile Windows 8 and Proclaim software by Logos

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Well I am trying to help with the low resolution of the Proclaim icon.  I drank the coolaid and bought a couple years for our church plant but the other icons look good on my launch bar.  So I felt the need to make some OblyTile Metro graphics to be better. NOTE: I called Logos and Proclaim support asking for better icon to work with and they just told me to visit the website and get something from there… so I played a bit and came up with these.  …read more