Christmas Music

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25 days of Music sounded like a good marking idea, but after the first 15 I can tell you I am ready to delete the rest.

People either LOVE or HATE a song and boy they can be equally vocal about it. I love that more “christian” music is being played this time of year. Stations that would not bother to play even a CCM and struggle with playing a cross over artist happily put Christmas music on the playlist.

The VOICE this year has had a couple of Christian songs that made it to the public. I don’t watch TV but will all of America I have heard the crooning voice of Jordan Smith as he belts out Mary Did You Know?

What you didn’t hear it yet?

So what is it that makes people so diabolical about music and their musical tastes?   In Church they fight over the worship style, in the car the fight over the radio station.  It is amazing to me to hear what people are saying, their likes and dislikes.

*sigh* no one is happy… …so I will do it on my own, for my own pleasure.  At least I can be happy by choice

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