A Common Theme

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Who consoles the pastor in his dark times??

I sat today waiting to face the judge. Normally there is a young couple or a single mother at my side fidgeting in nervous anticipation, today I was all alone, waiting my turn. As I sat there I asked myself “Who consoles the counselor?” and then “Why am I alone sitting here?”

The Sunday school answer is that I was not alone, and that I was in Christ, the Bible, or God. While I was confident in God’s working and His presence, it gave me a chance to pause and reflect. Where, or who, we run to when trouble threatens can determine our future mental and spiritual health. It can often hinder or help the ministry we are called to.

I encourage you to establish or re-establish spiritual counsel in your life. Seek out men of God that you can go to, and that can go with you. We all can fall victim to the mentality of Elijah that we are alone in ministry (1 King 19). When trouble comes seek Godly advice and counsel just as you would give from the Word for others.

Brothers we are not alone.