Correct Thinking

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I was editing some code and I always like to have some rather loud music going to help me keep focused on resolving the problem I am working through. Today I had Demon Hunter The Triptych CD in going loud and the lyrics of one of the songs caught my attention.


These eyes, they will gaze and reflect
And gauge every thought I reject
No sway of stance in changing times
Just a narrow mind commanding respect
We stand on the words of the wise
And languish every call to despise
We know the hollow sound of their lies

No reformed edition
Never losing vision
Now into forever
Only getting Better
Ways of now, spiral down
How much more we allow

Keeping sight of the vow we made (Never changing)
Holding fast to the hope (Never losing ground)
So when we stand in the line of wrath (Never changing)
The true and righteous will know (Never losing ground)

The foundations that we used to uphold
Now regarded as the madness of old
Every alteration made to the standard of truth
Is a nail in the coffin we hold
We embody everything they despise
Because they see us through degenerate eyes
So when they cast you down as intolerant filth
Stand firm, never bow to the lies

See the scorn inside my eyes

I am purposed to follow the Word, but does my daily walk suffer from the influance of a politically correct society on my life?  It is difficult to walk in the path of the righteous after all and it is possible to stumble or fall from that path (although not from the hand of God).

Proverbs 28:10
Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit…

My thinking is influenced by the world that I work and live in.  My culture, my music, my friends all affect my thinking and my attitude.  These are the things that I bring into my life… all affect my walk with God.

God knew that we could not live a life without the influence of our world and our culture.  The psalmist defines it well and then declares it a mystery that he can not possibly know or understand(Psalm 139:1-6).

Psalm 139:4-5
You search out my path and my lying down
and are acquainted with all my ways,
before a word is on my tongue,
behold, O Lord, you know it altogether

In a world full of compromise our senses are dulled to the little changes that are/have been made in the very fabric of the “church (global).” Perhaps it is because of this tolerance that we asked to adopt…  Perhaps it is because of our sin….

No matter how we slice it, the facts are we utterly fail  to make our own paths to righteousness.  We fail to keep our view of God untainted by the culture and life that surrounds us.

I love the first phrase of the last verse of that song:

“The foundations that we used to uphold, Now regarded as the madness of old”

Are we willing to stand up for God’s Word in our world today?  Are we willing to stand up for God’s Word in our churches today?  Are we willing to be called “mad” for following the Word that we believe.

We must hold forth the Light for all to see.