Was Dead, Now Alive

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James 2:17
So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

Grateful I'm Not Dead - William Bill Ciullo - Rockford, ILI snagged this coffee cup from my good friend Bill (William) Ciullo’s home after he passed away… yeah the humors are deep in here as I drink my coffee from a former dead man’s cup!  I loved the idea that Bill had gone through so much and never had died only to go peacefully face down in his Bible.

This cup is obviously talking about being dead because of SIN and now made alive in Christ (thanks Ephesians, Romans and other great references that pour through my mind).  But as I read it this AM the reference to James 2 came in my head.

What a better thing to recognize our FAITH in Christ to reflect the LIFE that it brings?  In Bill’s death brought many sorrows, men, women and children, families and brother’s and sisters all mourning the loss.  But also from his death brought FAITH in ACTION.

Bill’s clothes, gathered up, cleaned, and handed out.

Bill’s Books, gathered up, sorted and given away to many new readers

Bill’s furniture now is scattered across 8 different families

Bill’s cleaning supplies, toilet paper and even the very chair he died sitting in all have a new home and are being put to work because of the LIFE that was given to Bill’s faith.

Faith with out works is dead.  The Gospel without action is muted from the life giving force that it is.  God is good, even in death, He allows life and light to shine out.

This AM I drank from the “skull mug” as my kids refer to it… in reality I drank from the reminder of the preciousness of life and the goodness of God.  Then I think how Bill would laugh that I took the deadman’s cup 🙂