Drama drama

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Well life goes on … Lord willing, I will make live the posts I have had to hold back until the foster kids are a

part of our family officially.   Until then … just a few shadows running around.  A life on hold.

These little foster kids have some other issues that need to be addressed by our court system.  In the defense of “privacy” we are forbidden to upload pictures of them online until such a time as their status changes.  There is a few cultural and psychological aspects that I think will need to be addressed.

  1. All their “forever family” photos are online.  Between Facebook, Google Photos, a countless other online repositories they are not “normal” because they are not photographed and uploaded like the rest of the family.
    • we have to stage photos w/o them.
    • we upload and show off our kids online and then they are separate. 
    • we seem to target them and rug their faces in it all the time.
  2. All their peers are online.
    1. For real, these little buggers are connected. 
    2. Twitter and Facebook are just the starting points, 
  3. Their school and church are online.
    • School and church activities are shared on social media, they are left out.
    • Kids at school use tablets to communicate, can’t put their photos with their names.
    • plays, musical events and other activities they are singled out and withdrawn from the photographs. 

Just thinking aloud with this topic… can you think of other ways that not allowing the foster kids to be photographed online affects their cultural identity?