Fairdale, Illinois

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In the midst of the destruction, hope.  So I am learning first hand that God sends people into the local mission field hand picked for their tasks.  We have had three different folks volunteer their families for the relief efforts with out my having to prompt them.  This is a first for me.  Now they are spreading and gathering other like minded folks to continue the work.  I can not tell you what a blessing this is for us.

Fairdale is a mess, we have folks going and working 5  days of the week trying to do what they can.  We have people pouring in from all around the state, some are from our own teams, others are from different response units, it is amazing to see the face of the church in action.

Here are a couple of links and videos of the cleanup and the motivation that we are on the right track!


When the tornadoes came through Fairdale, Illinois more than 50 homes were destroyed. Our teams are there sharing the love of Jesus with families who were devastated by the storm. See their stories in this video. http://bit.ly/1GHDweq

Posted by Samaritan's Purse on Tuesday, 14 April 2015