The Favorite Child

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My wife always says I have a favorite child. I don’t think I do, although one annoys me a little less than others. 🙂 Still I try and be fair however I am easily manipulated by my crazy little girls.

MATCH Homeschool Co-Op end of year showcase 2016Last night we had a MATCH Homeschool Co-Op showcase and four of my kids played music and/or had art and other projects on display. They are all interested in different things and all are unique in my heart.

Can you love one kid more than another? I am sure you can. As a matter of fact there are websites lending credibility to you making that choice consciously. Should you?

Today, in my devotions I received some Parenting advice from CH Spurgeon. I thought it was proper to share it with you.

Should I have a favorite child?

Favorite children are often the cause of much sin in believers; the Lord is grieved when he sees us doting upon them above measure; they will live to be as great a curse to us as Absalom was to David, or they will be taken from us to leave our homes desolate. If Christians desire to grow thorns to stuff their sleepless pillows, let them dote on their dear ones.”

The story of David and Absalom starts in 2 Samuel 3. You can read it in a Topical Study on

BTW: Spurgeon is teaching about idolatry when he has this advice for christian parents.

What does the Bible say?

Well my personal favorite verses are the ones from Ephesians 6:1-4 ( then there is the old Proverb that everyone relies on but is just a proverb.  I think there is one verse that sums it up:

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord

Choosing a favorite child can sure provoke your child… and without doing a word study on “provoke” I can tell you that if you require the discipline and instruction in the Lord you will be way better off as they get older.


  1. Have you prayed for your kids today?
  2. Are you being over protective of your children?
  3. Are you raising them up in the instruction of the Lord?
  4. Are you making an idol of your children? (ouch)
  5. What is your favorite scripture on raising children?