Gemstones from Jesus

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I got in a conversation with a “christian” that was witness to a preaching phenomena where, as the pastor was speaking, gems fell to the ground! He used some obscure verses to show that it was a “real sign” of the presence of God.

I was in shock, my skepticism was in high mode and my snarkiness must have been on my face. I tried to put that aside as I listened to him tell me the tale.gems_temp2

As part of his offer of proof he stated that he had taken the gems to be evaluated at Claudius Jewelry and that they were semi precious stones all perfect and cut.

He listed them all: 3 Ruby, 1 Garnet, 2 small Topaz, one Yellow one (they were not sure what it was) and a CZ. He produced pictures from facebook and was excited to tell me about others and how much they gathered.  “Mine are worth $50” he proudly told me.

Gem's from heaven man made hoaxYeah, hoax alert goes on high when “God rained down jewels from heaven and a gem that was created by man in a laboratory suddenly fell. As you would expect the stories started to change and locations were suddenly in question.  I was called a non-believer and reprimanded for my unbelief.

My response? “You must be the non believer, you are the one seeking a sign, blessed are those that don’t see and believe. ”  I have heard the tale about pearls before swine, but gems?

How about you? Ever hear of this? Eyewitness to such an event?  Have you and precious stones from a preacher?

Have you heard about angel feathers suddenly falling… oh and the pink angel feather that is polyester not a real feather?  That is a tale for another time…