Getting a Kindle

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I was recently asked by my father about buying a Kindle. Here is my quick outline I gave to him maybe some more insight will be added by other’s in the comments.

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#1 I wouldn’t buy 3G, stick with WiFi
Here is my thought, 90% of the places you are at have Wifi (home and motels) etc. and most of the time you are NOT the general consumer flipping through a magazine etc or jumping from book to book. You are a planner and have a reading list well in advance, if you want to change it, find a WiFi hotspot.

#2 I wouldn’t buy the larger size.
Again experience, the 6″ has the same font size as the larger one, good battery life, and if you ARE like me (or I AM like you) I fall asleep reading at least a few nights a week. the 6″ one hits me in the nose with enough force to wake me up πŸ™‚ I can read mine without glasses w/o a problem as long as there is some light.

#3 I would buy the AD FREE version
It is tempting to save $20 but hey it is only $15 more and you don’t have to get frustrated having an ad on the screen saver and the home page taking up space (they don’t warn you about that) I agree it is nice to get special offers but that is what I use my email. Don’t be a cheapskate and know you can hack your screen savers anyhow.

#4 I would signup under one of your family accounts.
The best point is that you can share multiple devices under one account, I realize I can loan you a book for 14 days on your Kindle but in reality it is good thing to consolidate your accounts. Share πŸ˜‰

#5 Get the extended warranty and buy local
Buy from Target (or radioshack?), you can take it back there, and you can buy THEIR extended warranty and they honor them in the store (good to confirm)

#6 Get a leather case
You don’t HAVE to have it, but it is nice. $9 on ebay gets a made in china leather case. don’t spend $30+ in the store on a case you will scratch and probably replace down the road. I shopped and got one for $4 with free shipping and I LOVE it, I would consider getting it a little bigger to put a book light in the same case next time, but I toss that in my laptop bag anyhow (see #7)

#7 Buy a book light
Dollar Store. Don’t waste lots of $ on it because your kids will steal them when they visit this summer. Get one with a replaceable battery, one of those little 2 LED lights are enough light in most situation to read the book. in bed use a reading light like normal. DON’T buy one built in, you will have a broken one soon enough.

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Here are some links to Kindle with WiFi for $139.00