ICE – Winnebago County Detention Center

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75%of the arrests by ICE in the United States are of violent offenders. 25% of arrests currently are of offenders that are willingly breaking the law even if “minor.”

Should Immigration and Customs Enforcement use our local facility to house the felons even temporarily? They asked me to sign a letter from clergy to force outcry against it. Why in the world will that be an issue for a pastor? Maybe it is a good idea too…

My initial thoughts:
#1. It will bring more men and women into the jail system where they can hear the Gospel and their depravity and its direct impact on our society can be placed in check.
#2. It will bring families into close proximity to the county to visit loved ones. Again a perfect ministry opportunity to reach folks from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky, and Kansas.
#3. There will be some that are innocent, this will be opportunity to help just like there is now.
#4. It will bring additional revenue into the Jail system and allow more guards and additional resources to be focused at rehabilitation.
#5. The laws of our nation are being enforced.  

ICE – Chicago Field Office
101 West Congress Parkway 4th Floor
Chicago, IL, 60605
Phone: (312) 347-2400