Incredible Shrinking Pastor

Jeremiah and Tancy Griffin - Incredible Shrinking Pastor @ JeremiahGriffin.comI have been at this battle all my life it seems.  The battle for weight loss and fitness of body.  It would seem “duh” that I start this on January 1, 2016 but in reality it started when I was 11 and I discovered ice cream and other foods.   Before that I was “husky” but it was because I was “big boned” and genetically predisposed to being … fat.  None of that has changed, but the battle rages on around me.  I am fat.  I am a glutton.

How can I talk of spiritual discipline to my congregation while I fail on the physical discipline and surrender the the joy of gluttony.  This year’s theme for my heart is “happiness” and I don’t want to find it in my food.  I don’t want to find it at the church meal.  I don’t want to find it at Taco Bell … I want to find my happiness in the court of the King of Kings.   So today it begins, well a commitment of a few $ to buy a domain and a little Facebook degradation as I announce this journey.  But what will happen in the end, there will be the truth of this story.

I am not sure what to do with this space… yet.  But I am thinking measurements and resources that are proving helpful in the battle.  Here is the Article that prompted me to go “public” with my decision.  I know I can’t do this.  I know because I have tried in the past many times and failed.  I can do this because HE can do this.

Pastors, our physical health has a direct impact on life and ministry. It is past time to take it seriously.

“Pastors, our physical health has a direct impact on life and ministry. It is past time to take it seriously.”  The Third Rail

The third rail of a pastor’s life and ministry is his physical health. Very few like to talk about the growing girth of pastors and the impact it has on their ministries. After all, in my denomination our unofficial bird is the fried chicken.

The health of our nation is a continually growing crisis (no pun intended). Pastoral leadership is no exception. A 2001 Pulpit and Pew study discovered that 76 percent of clergy were overweight or obese compared to 61 percent of the general population  Click Here to READ MORE

UPDATE: 5 Months in

What a ride!  It started almost a year and six months ago that I hurt my foot while running on a treadmill and I went to the doctor.  Then they found my blood pressure was so high, they freaked out.   Oh wait, it gets worse…

Three medications and side effects all over the place I am finally at a “near safe level” for blood pressure.  One of the medicines put me in muscle issues, one gave me depression, and the last one made me gain weight to the point I put on 12 pounds in 14 days.

I can’t live this way.  So I am not.  I have been fighting for a little over a year to get BACK to the fist issue, my feet.  FINALLY my doctor heard me and put me in touch with a podiatrist.  It took ONE MONTH.  ONE MONTH!!!!!

While I am NOT pain free, I am using different stretches and taking herbs to regulate and rebuild my tendons and bones in my feet.  My pain level has dropped from an eight to a three and my blood pressure is down 20+ points on the top number and over 15 on the lower end (no more triple digits over triple digits)

Planet Fitness - Incredible Shrinking PastorWhats next?  I have NOT BEEN RELEASED to go to the gym or even start to work out.  And I agree to jump into a vigorous work out routine would not be the answer.  I am taking it slowly.  at 3lbs weights I won’t be winning any contests but I am getting my body back in the habit.

So we press on.

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

Yeah I realize this is out of context. But the principle is the same.  Even though I wanted this to be a race for a year.  It looks like the race will have to be on for quite some time.  But I have faith that either the Lord will come or I will win this battle with the Lord’s help!

NOTE: Special Thanks to Pastor Ross Newland for keeping me from jumping out and getting hurt again.  The restraint of a brother and encouragement for the long haul is extremely helpful.