Keurig – The Second Cup

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One of the most requested things on the Keurig boards since I started paying attention was if it was okay to brew a second cup out of the used Keurig K-Cup!  What a great idea for cheapskates like me!

keurig machineSo there is the science that comes into play and I won’t really go into that since there are others that have done that better than I could hope to.  But after saying all that I still find myself trying to squeeze a little extra juice out of my Keurig.  So begins a second cup quest.

They don’t all add up but they do have distinct tastes and some are better than others.  So I figured I should write a review called “the Second Cup”   but there is a great Canadian company with a large web presence of that name … so I will just do it on my own blog.

How good is the second cup of coffee brewed from a Keurig K-Cup?

  • Dunkin’ Donuts – Original Blend
  • TAZO – AWAKE English Breakfast Tea
  • Honduras – Van Houtte
  • Diedric Cafe – Morning Edition Deca
  • Glazed Doughnut
  • Chocolate Glazed Doughnut
  • Folgers – Extra Dark
  • and more …