The Letter

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Got a good but sad letter today from a Christian brother that is struggling through the consequences of his sin. His letter ends with one question

“Pastor, How do I know 100% that I have received Jesus as my Savior?”

So many people have been given a false hope of “asking Jesus into their hearts.” Then the tough times come and it adds to the struggle with the security of their salvation. Please Christian, preach the Bible and let God do the saving, don’t push this easy believing garbage down the throats of our children or seekers. We now have generations of faux-Christians that have nothing Christian in their lives but maybe a Christian Tshirt, tattoo, or a cross necklace, a vague memory of that moment in time where they asked Jesus into their harts… Where is the repentance, the surrender… the turn.

Back to my brother in Christ. Pray for God’s mighty work in his life to be made evident to him. Pray for his repentance and continued regeneration. I am encouraged because he knows enough to ask. To God be the Glory.