Life on Mission 2016

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What a joy of looking forward to the new year.  Yet I find myself in a strange transition as I become more aware of what GOD wants me to be and do rather than what I have always planned.  This process of sanctification I have studied and researched int he lives of others but as the Gospel works itself out in my life I am constantly wowed by the Power of God unto Salvation and the journey my life is.  What a journey of restoration we are on…

Where there were times in my past when I was being prepared, I would have told you I was wrongly suffering.  I would have told you that I would never be doing God’s work, I was content to seek after money and make my “family” a priority in my life.  Wait I can hear your objections already.  Maybe because my understanding of “family” has changed?  Yes family is one of the main drives in my life, I often find myself waking in the dark hours of the morning praying for their hearts… it consumes my thoughts.  Ahh parenting.

The daily challenges of pastoring and planting take their toll.  Although through the study of the Word my mind is being sharpened, I am exhausted and to the point that I know I can not be doing this on my own.  Physical sickness, temptations, family, church, pastoral care, church planting, working, trying to make things work.  How many balls can I keep in the air?  Only the ones that God wants me to.

Others have seen the call of God on my life and worked to protect, prepare and prolong my heart for the ministry.  God has used them to speak into my life, to help me see through the darkest points and to shade my eyes in the bright sonlight.  Their sacrifice.  Their patience.  Their examples. To them I am extremely thankful.

Last year my motto was “The Gospel in Action”

This year, “The Joy of the Revival”

May this 2016 be about the joy of revival in our lives, for body, soul and church.