That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois

ICE – Winnebago County Detention Center

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75%of the arrests by ICE in the United States are of violent offenders. 25% of arrests currently are of offenders that are willingly breaking the law even if “minor.” Should Immigration and Customs Enforcement use our local facility to house the felons even temporarily? They asked me to sign a letter from clergy to force outcry against it. Why in the world will that be an issue for a pastor? Maybe it is a good idea too… My initial thoughts: #1. It will bring more men and women into the…read more

Drama drama

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Well life goes on … Lord willing, I will make live the posts I have had to hold back until the foster kids are a part of our family officially.   Until then … just a few shadows running around.  A life on hold. These little foster kids have some other issues that need to be addressed by our court system.  In the defense of “privacy” we are forbidden to upload pictures of them online until such a time as their status changes.  There is a few cultural and psychological…read more


Gemstones from Jesus

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I got in a conversation with a “christian” that was witness to a preaching phenomena where, as the pastor was speaking, gems fell to the ground! He used some obscure verses to show that it was a “real sign” of the presence of God. I was in shock, my skepticism was in high mode and my snarkiness must have been on my face. I tried to put that aside as I listened to him tell me the tale. As part of his offer of proof he stated that he had…read more

Submerged VBS 2016

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What a great week I will upload a ton of photos soon but for now… these will have to work πŸ˜‰ I took a pie in the face one day — a water balloon the next. The kids had a great time and I think I did too!