That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois


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I was recently musing over a request in a pastors forum for books on Revival.  I never did quite determine if it was a history of revivals that the pastor was looking for but what happened as people started listing titles and Authors… and then I noticed something.  Almost all the titles being offered were “why revival doesn’t come.” books.   Why doesn’t revival happen in America?  Why don’t we see another great revival again?  Well to begin with, no one repents any more.  Revival starts with repentance.   2 Corinthians…read more

Gospel Conversations

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People claim to have a “Gospel conversation” without speaking the Gospel… You can be laying the foundation of a Gospel Conversation but until you actually speak the Gospel, you are just being moral. You may say, “Pastor what about 1 Corinthians 3:6-9. I am planning a seed or I am watering a soul. Only God gives the harvest.”  The seed can indeed only be given life by God. What farmer prepares the ground without the intention of planting?  What sower casts seed without anticipation of harvest? What farmer plans for…read more

Holy People

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“The children of God are a holy people; —for this very purpose were they born and brought into the world, that they should be holy; for this they were redeemed with blood and made a peculiar people. God’s end in election, the end of all his purposes, is not answered until they become a people “zealous of good works.” Charles Spurgeon

A Call To Prayer – Clara Brooks

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Softly the evening vespers Hallow the closing day; Sweetly the Savior whispers, “Come to the throne and pray.” Refrain: Softly I hear Him calling, Calling at close of day; Sweetly His tones are falling, “Come to the throne and pray.” Come, ere the shadows lengthen, Bring Him thy burdened heart; Come where His grace may strengthen, Come from thy cares apart. Smiles of His love await thee, Lighting His lovely face; Just to behold His beauty, Dwell in the secret place. Boldly we may approach Him, Mercy and grace to…read more

Windows 10 Missing HP LaserJet Driver

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You thought you were losing your mind.  You are not.  Windows seems to have opted out of including the older HP Laser 4 and 5 from the latest Windows 10 driver updates.  I have about 15 of these old work horses and enough parts and toner stocked up for another 20+ Years. So for now there is a work around I found after three days of searching through message boards and I hope this will be of help to someone (including myself as I forget and need things written down…read more