Prayer – a change in direction.

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I am again under conviction that I do not pray enough, I do not give myself over to it or correctly go about it.  I realize that this is what grace and mercy is for, but still I want to be more disciplined.

So I have my list.  Not a list of wants and needs, but a list that asks for guidance and wisdom in my day.  I spend less time and am more focused because of that list… not sure it is working.  Do you use a list?

I type out my prayer.  I want to make sure I have the best use of words my feeble mind can gather.  I do it to lessen the internal struggle to name names and ask God to wipe out my enemies.

While I am no psalmist, the idea comes from reading more and more of psalms.  David didn’t have to name his enemies, God knew them.  But he also wrote them down.  Perhaps so he could revisit them and see answered prayer, but I think more likely so he could reuse them and hold himself in prayer.

Today Lord,
May my heart be held in in conviction and my thoughts on the purpose of your glory and not my own.
May your protection be upon your flock and your shepherd’s crook bring guidance.
Protect me from the bear, the lion and the predators against your kingdom.
Let my feet follow you. Let my speech reveal you. Let my hands deal mercifully.
I confess my heart and my sin to you and rest on the riches of your mercy and grace.
Confound my enemies that plot against me.  Bring them to shame.
May you be glorified in my life and my thoughts this day.
In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ

Do you pray?  Do you write out prayers?  Do you track what God is doing in your prayer life?