Scripture Again

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I have been reminded again of how we tend to think of our English language as superior to all others.  As a Christian it is even more dangerous because we think of the Bible as being written in English to the point we are focused on a particular version or translation.

Being from a more “fundamental” background I remember the days when I heard “If the KJV was good enough for the Apostle Paul, it is good enough for me!”  Said tongue in cheek, but more often than expected the very same principles came out in the sermons.  Pastors ignoring the Greek or Hebrew, perhaps blissfully unaware, rather than actually getting into the text.

I am enjoying scripture even more as I learn to read and translate Hebrew and Greek words, I am learning to love word studies.  As sermon preparation, to go beyond just comparing versions, but to dig down deep into the Word, WOW!  Words transform and make the scripture come alive … if it has been a while since you have gotten out your Strong’s and dusted it off, do your self (and your congregation) a favor and dig in.