SGBC – Nissan NV Project

One of our strategic partnership churches, Sovereign Grace Church, is heading up a fund to provide for the transportation needs of Pastor Griffin and his family.  Currently the Pastor drives a donated 1992 Ford Club Wagon but that won’t last long!  Pool the resources together and see what God can do with a multitude of partners.

Nissan NV fund raiser project for Pastor Griffin's Family

What is this for?

Pastor Griffin’s family vehicles are old and in need of replacement or repair.  These funds are to be used by Pastor Griffin to provide for better transportation.  Expenditures are monitored by Sovereign Grace Church and instructions are made clear.

When will this happen?

Currently we have raised over $7,000 for this project.  The sooner we get to a critical amount we can spend the funds on a new vehicle and get this “rolling!”

How can I give?

You can give by writing a check to Sovereign Grace Church for any amount and mailing it to 534 CY Ave, Casper, Wyoming 82601.  Please note in the memo field of the check, “Living Stones

Specific Examples

Small Groups: We have one church that has taken on this task with their small groups and a pledge drive on to support us, while their money alone is not enough, it comes together with other funds to help us continue in the ministry!

Youth Groups:  Another youth group has chosen to sponsor us for a year, you know teens put their money where their mouth is and we have been blessed by a sizable contribution in the last few months.

Churches: We have gained monthly support for the ministry in general but now with a specific goal in mind they have chosen to add us to their “special ministry needs” funds.  They took a specific offering for the work here but also take regular contributions to meet this very important goal.

How is God prompting you to help?