That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois

The Favorite Child

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My wife always says I have a favorite child. I don’t think I do, although one annoys me a little less than others. 🙂 Still I try and be fair however I am easily manipulated by my crazy little girls. Last night we had a MATCH Homeschool Co-Op showcase and four of my kids played music and/or had art and other projects on display. They are all interested in different things and all are unique in my heart. Can you love one kid more than another? I am sure you can. As a…read more

August Quotations

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Ending up the month I figure I had better get them all up for future use.  Facebook will end and the next latest and greatest will replace it.  So I post these here for a record I can control and keep …

Top 5 – Bibles

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I had a couple of people ask me what is a good study Bible to have so I made a Top 5 Bibles for you to pick apart or reorganize.  You can comment on the versions – but the only thing I will tell you is to go back to the Greek and Hebrew with some trusted study tools, but since you can’t always carry a Vine’s or Strong’s with your Bible, these may help.  A s with all Study materials for the Bible, be wary of the teachings and…read more

Finding God’s Grace in the question

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Ever have one of those moments in studying God’s word where you are sure you know what is being said, only to discover that you only saw part of the message? I was looking for grace the other day.  I had found the verse that God was drawing me to preach on, but I was trying to make it fit into my existing sermon plan.  Then I realized that it wasn’t going to fit so I started off with something new and figured I would use it later.   So…read more

Haunted by past sin

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I have been in close contact with a friend that is having a difficult time with forgiveness.  It isn’t others that have hurt him, it isn’t a job or an enemy, it is himself.  In dealing with this issue this friend has practiced escapism in the form of drugs and alcohol.  So the question has been before me and there is no simple answer other than to make it a matter of fervent prayer before God…  Yet I found myself giving and answer and then looking for verses to support…read more