That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois

Gemstones from Jesus

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I got in a conversation with a “christian” that was witness to a preaching phenomena where, as the pastor was speaking, gems fell to the ground! He used some obscure verses to show that it was a “real sign” of the presence of God. I was in shock, my skepticism was in high mode and my snarkiness must have been on my face. I tried to put that aside as I listened to him tell me the tale. As part of his offer of proof he stated that he had…read more

Faith On

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Faith is not a meritorious work. It is never the ground of justification—it is simply the channel through which it is received and it, too, is a gift. — John MacArthur Ever hit something so deep it just puts your mind out of wack? This was it for me last night. Faith is a condition we find ourselves in. Faith is a channel caused by and for the Holy Ghost. I was reading in Romans 3:29-4:6 in preparation for a sermon and these verses just nailed what my brain knew…read more

Beneath the Cross

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Beneath the cross of Jesus I find a place to stand, And wonder at such mercy That calls me as I am; For hands that should discard me Hold wounds which tell me, “Come.” Beneath the cross of Jesus My unworthy soul is won. Beneath the cross of Jesus His family is my own— Once strangers chasing selfish dreams, Now one through grace alone. How could I now dishonor The ones that You have loved? Beneath the cross of Jesus See the children called by God. Beneath the cross of…read more

For the Sake of His Name

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Go to the world for the sake of His name; To every nation His glory proclaim. Pray that the Spirit wise Will open darkened eyes, Granting new life to display Jesus’ fame. Refrain: In Jesus’ power, preach Christ to the lost; For Jesus’ glory, count all else but loss. Gather from every place Trophies of sov’reign grace. Lest life be wasted, exalt Jesus’ cross. Love the unloved for the sake of His name; Like Christ, befriend those whose heads hang in shame. Jesus did not condemn, But was condemned for…read more

A Debtor to Mercy Alone

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A debtor to mercy alone Of covenant mercy I sing I come with Your righteousness on My humble offering to bring The judgments of Your holy law With me can have nothing to do My Savior’s obedience and blood Hide all my transgressions From view The work which Your goodness began The arm of Your strength will complete Your promise is yes and amen And never was forfeited yet The future or things that are now No power below or above Can make You Your purpose forego Or sever my…read more

The Communion Hymn

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Behold the Lamb who bears our sins away, Slain for us: and we remember The promise made that all who come in faith Find forgiveness at the cross. So we share in this Bread of life, And we drink of His sacrifice, As a sign of our bonds of peace Around the table of the King. The body of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Torn for you: eat and remember The wounds that heal, the death that brings us life, Paid the price to make us one. The blood that cleanses…read more