That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois

Life on Mission 2016

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What a joy of looking forward to the new year.  Yet I find myself in a strange transition as I become more aware of what GOD wants me to be and do rather than what I have always planned.  This process of sanctification I have studied and researched int he lives of others but as the Gospel works itself out in my life I am constantly wowed by the Power of God unto Salvation and the journey my life is.  What a journey of restoration we are on… Where there…read more

There are but three avenues open to the individual, and “the joy of life” is dependent upon the choice. They are: rebellion, resignation, and reconciliation. –Joseph Fort Newton

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Life in Death

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Psalm 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints” There is nothing in life quite like sitting watching a good friend die.  Not pass away, or kick the bucket, or any other way to word it… just to die.  Actually he is still alive while I write this but soon he will be dead.  Well dead here.  It is sad to see him go but at the same time peace and joy knowing that he is going to where I long to be. Home,…read more


Top 10 Lessons of June

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Top 10 lessongs of June 2012 (so far): 10.  Good people do stupid things (sin) and bring damage to themselves. 9.  Denial is not just a stage… it is a lifestyle.  People that know something is sin, still find themselves doing it and blaming others for it, or ignoring it etc… 8.  People attack when they feel threatened even if I am just the messenger, or “the message” wasn’t for them in the first place… (maybe their guilt?) 7.  There is Evil in this world. I call it sin, but…read more


Joy vs. Sorrow Hebrews 13:17

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It seems in the last two years our little part of the Church has gone through great trials.  We have seen lots of people come and lots go.  We have had to practice Church Discipline on some and impose some restrictions on others until they either repented of their sin or left.  It is not a fun thing to do as a pastor, but it is necessary out of love. It all isn’t sad though.  It is full of joy as well.  I don’t often think of joy in discipline…read more