That my life would reflect God's glory - Jeremiah Griffin - pastor Rockford, Illinois

For the Cause

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Love the last lines… Let it be my life’s refrain: To live is Christ, to die is gain; Deny myself, take up my cross And follow the Son For The Cause For the cause of Christ the King We give our lives, an offering Till all the earth resounds with ceaseless praise To the Son For the cause of Christ we go With joy to reap, with faith to sow As many see And many put their trust In the Son Christ we proclaim, The Name above every name: For…read more

Life on Mission 2016

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What a joy of looking forward to the new year.  Yet I find myself in a strange transition as I become more aware of what GOD wants me to be and do rather than what I have always planned.  This process of sanctification I have studied and researched int he lives of others but as the Gospel works itself out in my life I am constantly wowed by the Power of God unto Salvation and the journey my life is.  What a journey of restoration we are on… Where there…read more

Fairdale, Illinois

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In the midst of the destruction, hope.  So I am learning first hand that God sends people into the local mission field hand picked for their tasks.  We have had three different folks volunteer their families for the relief efforts with out my having to prompt them.  This is a first for me.  Now they are spreading and gathering other like minded folks to continue the work.  I can not tell you what a blessing this is for us. Fairdale is a mess, we have folks going and working 5…read more


Introversion & The Small Church

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Introversion – The tendency to focus energy inward resulting in decreased social interaction. Before you say it, I acknowledge that introversion can happen to churches of any size.  However, looking at the small churches that are around us it is a real danger to the church today.  What is wrong with being introverted? An introverted church has lost all or some of the Gospel message.  The instructions in the “red letter” section of the Bible that tend to be emphasized in sermons but not reflect in actions of the members.  “Go.”…read more