Top 10 Lessons of June

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Top 10 lessongs of June 2012 (so far):

10.  Good people do stupid things (sin) and bring damage to themselves.

9.  Denial is not just a stage… it is a lifestyle.  People that know something is sin, still find themselves doing it and blaming others for it, or ignoring it etc…

8.  People attack when they feel threatened even if I am just the messenger, or “the message” wasn’t for them in the first place… (maybe their guilt?)

7.  There is Evil in this world. I call it sin, but it has other faces as well.  It is real and the last thing we need to do is belittle it.

6.  When God blesses, it is best to prepare for the attack of the world.

5.  Don’t make hasty decisions, time is a friend to the righteous.

4.  Don’t make ministry changing decisions w/o long prayer and counsel UNLESS God’s Spirit is so clear, there is no other choice.

3. It is okay to have your heart broken at times.  Even the best super saints found themselves weeping.

It has been both a joyful and a painful week for our young church.  We have people returning to Christ that were separated for various reasons and we have people leaving because of guilt, shame etc.  We have some that have slipped back into the sin that has ruined their lives so far and they still can’t see it.  Painful as a pastor… maybe this is the pastor’s heart that I had longed for over the years… God blesses through it all, it is HIS church not MINE and I am reminded of that all the time.

2.  Be careful what you pray for…

1.  God is Sovereign.


Jesus bring the rain....