Top 5 reasons NOT to have a bird

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Top 5 reasons NOT to have birds as pets

5. They smell.
Worse than a person that has cats doesn’t realize they smell like a cat box.  Okay you may be the exception to the rule.  But I have lots of people in and out of my van, truck and bus and I can generally tell you by smell who has the cat.  Maybe I am the exception, but then again that is why they sell carbon pads to soak the smell of the bird poop and the kitty litter industry is going strong.

4. They get aggressive.
The more people in your house the more aggressive the bird can become. They want to bond with one person, not a family.  They bite and are quite mean, if you have little kids or visitors with small finger that get put in the cage then you will experience how the fall has affected even the animals.  This is not an ARK this is a HOUSE.

3. Allergy
20% of North Americans are allergic to birds (Google it)! Add to that statistic a large family and known allergy to birds.  Then bring one in and wonder why the sniffles and sickness never leaves the home.  Great, have friends and family into the mix and you are causing even bigger issues.

2. They are messy.
I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to clean out a CPU fan and pulled bird seed or feathers. They are dirty dirty animals that require actual attention and someone to clean them.  If the smell isn’t enough the try picking bird seed husks out of your Xbox cooling fan.   No matter how hard you clean they will mess it up.

1. The noise.
You can tell me to put a cover over them but I know the truth, those little chirps and peeps are right at my hearing range… you are not fooling ANYONE.  I love to hear birds in the spring OUTSIDE where they belong.  I can close my windows and turn up the air conditioner and not have to listen to their endless chatter.  Get two birds or give them a mirror and you have an audio horror tale running behind you as you talk on the phone, watch TV, listen to music or even try and have a conversation.

Wait you love birds? Think I am over reacting?  I have some birds to give you.

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