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I had a couple of people ask me what is a good study Bible to have so I made a Top 5 Bibles for you to pick apart or reorganize.  You can comment on the versions – but the only thing I will tell you is to go back to the Greek and Hebrew with some trusted study tools, but since you can’t always carry a Vine’s or Strong’s with your Bible, these may help.  A
s with all Study materials for the Bible, be wary of the teachings and compare it to the scripture to be tested by the Spirit.


This is my favorite Bible, lots of personal notes and great knowledge inside the study notes etc.

This is my faithful KJV Study Bible, still on my shelf and so many sermon ideas written down in the wide margins…


  1. The Reformation Heritage KJV (Beeke, Barrett, & Bilkes)
    $42 –
    This is a relative newcomer to the shelf and one I preordered from another book distributor and it NEVER showed up.  Amazon was the winner and so I will link to it for the rest of the books.  I am thrilled with the Joel Beeke commentary added and I am certain that he would screen the other two enough.  This is one I have just started to explore.
  2. The John MacArthur Study Bible
    #32 –
    The old standard for Study Bibles in our house. This is a great resource and if nothing else stretches the reader.  The onle thing this Bible did for me was make me want to read more of John MacArthur books. Dig down deep and get rooted in the Word.
  3. The Life Application Study Bible NASV or NKJV
    $55 –
    My wife was a ”Life Application Study Bible” fan but it only had NIV.  We don’t use the NIV anymore for personal preferences but the joy of the Life Application seriese using a different version makes it something to read for nice, light weight easy study.
  4. The King James Study Bible Wide Margin Edition (Thomas Nelson)
    $150.00 – They don’t make this one anymore, but you can find it used for about $55 and I will say mine is pretty much destroyed for the covers from use, the binding still holds. I am going to try and get a used one and see once I have $60 or more, but how to move my years of personal notes in the margin.  I love mine, I am keeping my eyes out for another copy or possibly a reprint.  Article authors include, Fallwell, Dobson, Patterson, Towns and Yarbrough – yes I just revealed my IFB bloodlines.
  5. Reformation Study Bible ESV (RC Sproul)
    $44.29 –
    Hands down a great book. Once you get over the paedobaptism teachings that slip in from a Presbyterian perspective this Bible is the one I love to have on hand.  It doesn’t matter what Bible study I walk into the notes are deep and provide a solid foundation.  The notes are such that you can see simple sermon outlines and I have actually caught other pastor’s “borrowing” from it’s sample outlines and teachings.  Okay the Covenant vs Dispensational Theology is interesting and unimportant to most of the folks that will read this but I noticed something different in these notes, it is worth some time to study.