Old Tshirts

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So, it happens.  I wear my T-shirts until they are ratty … down right torn to shreds and honestly it does bother me a bit, but I have other things that need to be taken care of.  I wear hand me down clothing from others and friends keep my closet full of Salvation Army clothes and every once and a while I get a new pair of pants if they are on sale.

Someone pointed out that I needed to go spend $20 on some new undershirts for myself and said I should care.  I didn’t.  someone I knew needed diapers and well … their need for disposable diapers out weighed my need for new Tshirts.  I need them, but the old ones work, for the most part.

Santa Clause always brings underwear and I never seem to worry.  This year Santa paid the heating bill so no new shirts.  I don’t say this to gain favor, I don’t say this to beg for more hand me downs.  I say this because God is faithful.  Funny how we need to be reminded of that.

Deuteronomy 7:9
Therefore know that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments;

In November someone asked me what I needed personally, I looked them right in the eye and said “a new coat”  I have been wearing this coat for three seasons and it only has one functional pocket left in it.  The “shine” wasn’t because it was new but because it was polished with wear.  I was honest.

It didn’t come.  I thought well maybe it was for Christmas… it didn’t come.  Maybe it is for new years…. maybe the person didn’t think I was really being honest.  So I asked God for a new coat.  (Man fails, ask god, there is a lesson in there somewhere)

Tonight, a friend showed up with another hand me down.  It was my size, it was my color, it was my brand.  Boom!  I got a coat!

I had given up on a new coat.  Other things were needed, 3 new mouths to feed and little feet to shod.  New outfits for precious little ones left in our care.  I finally just had said, okay God, do what you need, take care of these little ones.

I guess this rambling post is to say this.  Love God.  You may not see the way, you may be wanting new Tshirts and he wants you to wait.  You may need a jacket but God has the relief at hand, His resources are never taxed.  Love God, the faithful God.  In His time, in His way, God will show mercy.

Hey, I got a new coat!  Well new to me anyhow!!