Windows 10 Missing HP LaserJet Driver

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You thought you were losing your mind.  You are not.  Windows seems to have opted out of including the older HP Laser 4 and 5 from the latest Windows 10 driver updates.  I have about 15 of these old work horses and enough parts and toner stocked up for another 20+ Years.

So for now there is a work around I found after three days of searching through message boards and I hope this will be of help to someone (including myself as I forget and need things written down too)

The driver is available still from Microsoft

and I have it backed up in case this doesn’t work in the future. if you need it I am sure you can figure a way to get in touch with me or download it yourself … /wind10_hpLJ5/

This extracts (thank you WinRar) into several files and I simply put them into a directory then “left clicked” the inf file and told it to INSTALL.  That was it, next time I added a HP LJ5 printer it had the driver already installed.

HP has instructions hidden on their site, I found reference to it in several message boards.
it is like they knew it would be happening but didn’t let people prepare.

I am a nerd.